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A new PC or laptop often brings excitement and a little bit of anxiousness.

We are here to help remove that anxiousness, by unpacking, setting up, testing and bring everything current. Read to use without delay.

We also can install additional software as requested.

Do you have a PC or laptop that is behaving erratically? Is it becoming slow to respond? Do you think there you may have a virus or malware?

Let us take a look. We can remove most virus and malware (the most common culprit for erratic behavior).

Additionally, we can check for the possibility of upgrading your system and provide recommendations and quotes.

Do you have older computers? Do you wonder whether you should upgrade the existing or purchase new? Is your home or office in need of a new printer?

We can help answer those questions. We can provide upgrade options for current computers with quotes to upgrade and honest recommendations of whether it will provide the best solution to your problem.

If you are in the market for a new computer or printer, we will be glad to assess your current equipment and make appropriate recommendations.

Software is needed to accomplish many different tasks. In most situations more than one product exists to solve a task.

We can assist in evaluating the options available and provide a consolidated report so and informed decision can be made.

Once you have settled on the software best suited for your needs we will gladly help with the installation onto all applicable computers.