About Hollifield Technical Solutions

Hollifield Tech Services was originally started in 1994 as Hollifield’s Hi-Tech Computer Sales & Service.  Things were different then the business had a different purpose.  In 1994 the focus was the PC hardware market from building custom PCs, installing upgrade parts and repairing broken systems.

From about 2005 until 2014 business shifted more from custom PCs to fixing broken computers, upgrading computers, installing and setting up printers, setting up wired and wireless networking in homes and churches.  Often times we simply added new devices to the existing network because after all networking was hard.

Beginning in 2015 business began to shift again.  The PC market has slowed down to some degree. It’s often cheaper to buy new than to repair or upgrade existing systems.
However, data recovery, migration, and security have become much more important. Additionally, many people are creating their own online presence and need help with web development, website support and branding.

So if you are in the market to upgrade or repair an existing computer, or are in the market for a new one, or even considering your first website let’s talk…..