Data Services

Data Transfer

Data Recovery

Data Destruction

Do you have data on an existing PC, laptop or cell phone you need to transfer elsewhere?

Maybe it is pictures or documents, we are here to help making the data transfer simple and painless.

• PC/Laptop → PC/Laptop

• Cell Phone → Cell Phone

• Cell Phone → PC/Laptop

• PC/Laptop/Cell Phone → External Storage

Did you accidentally delete a file or pictures? Do you think your hard drive is failing or has failed? Do you have family pictures on that hard drive that you want?

Many times data can be recovered. The first thing to do is immediately stop using the computer and give us a call.

Hollifield Technical Solutions has various software programs, hardware tools, and skills to attempt to recover the lost data.

Are you worried about the data on an old computer or hard drive?

A significant amount of information about us is stored on our computers and cell phones. When the time comes to retire your existing devices steps need to be taken to ensure all the data is removed in a way that makes the data truly inaccessible.

Simply deleting the data through Windows does not remove it, it just makes Windows forget where the data was located.

Hollfield Technical Solutions has multiple methods of making sure the data is unrecoverable